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Safety and Security

Security Director
Robert Carpenter
Location: CHS
Phone: 618-346-6341
Email: rcarpent@kahoks.org

CMS Student Resource Officer
Officer Mark Terveer
Location: CMS Phone:618-343-2100
Email: mterveer@kahoks.org

CHS Student Resource Officer
Officer Mike Reichert
Location: CHS Phone:618-346-6341
Email: mreicher@kahoks.org

Truancy Officer
Donald Scott Blackard
Location: CHS
Phone: 618-346-6341
Email: dblacka1@kahoks.org

Collinsville Police Department
200 W Clay St
From The Desk of The Security Director

Please be aware regularly scheduled safety drills are held at each campus.  These include crisis lock-downs, tornado/weather drills, as well as fire drills, in order to maintain your child/students safety.

Collinsville Middle School currently boasts a large security camera system including infrared, PTZ, and stationary cameras. This system will provides an “additional tool” in maintaining a safer school environment to CMS students.